Hyderabad: 40 people suffer eye injuries due to Diwali crackers

Hyderabad: Diwali celebrations turned quite unpleasant for a few in Hyderabad. As many as 40 cases of eye sores caused by firecrackers were reported at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital (SDEH) in Hyderabad during the ongoing Diwali celebrations since November 4.

On November 4, 30 eye injuries were reported due to firecrackers at SDEH, 5 people were admitted and 3 people were operated upon. Similarly, on November 5, 10 eye injuries were reported and 5 people were admitted. The patient comprises both children and adults. The crackers responsible for the injuries were rockets and bombs.

Speaking to Siasat.com, the resident medical officer (RMO) at SDEH Najafi Begum said some patients had burnt their eyelids and complained of pain and blurred vision. Most of the incidents happened when people light up a cracker when it did not light up at once. The victim of eye injuries were also in some cases, the bystanders who stood very near while the cracker was burning.

The RMO advised the people to avoid rockets, bomb crackers, keep their distance while burning crackers, wear protective glasses and urged the parents to not leave their child unattended while burning firecrackers.