Hyderabad: 4-yr-old girl falls in manhole; rescued within 15 minutes

Hyderabad: A four-year-old was rescued minutes after she fell into a manhole in the Gowliguda area. An official of the fire department rescued the girl within 15 minutes.

While playing with her sister and two of her friends, the girl who was identified as Divya, had fallen into a 12 feet deep manhole at around 10 am.

According to the Times of India, the station fire officer of Gowliguda, Raj Kumar stated that the officials suspecting that the girl had drowned or had been swept away by the current, put a ladder inside another manhole which was in close proximity to the one in which the girl had fallen.

A fire constable, Kranthi Kumar went inside the manhole. Though the girl was rescued unhurt she was in shock when she came out. She was given proper first aid.