Hyderabad: Only 4 pc out of 11000 beggars are Muslims

Hyderabad: Only 4 pc out of the total number of beggars in Hyderabad are Muslims while the remaining 82 pc belong to SC, ST and other backward classes. According to a survey conducted in 2008 and then 2015, the number of beggars in Hyderabad is 11000 with a total earning of Rs 15 crore.
According to the data issued by a rehabilitation centre these beggars earn Rs. 1000 daily. They normally spend a large part of their earning on food requirement and bad habits (smoking, drinking etc); while 50% goes towards the savings.
The organization revealed that 82 pc of the beggars who beg at Dargahs, masajid, temples, church and other places of Hyderabad are non-Muslims while only 4 pc of them are Muslims and they don’t belong to the city either.
Now that the government has put a begging ban on the city’s streets for two months, officials have been strictly enforcing the ban ahead of a visit by Ivanka Trump for an international conference. The beggars are being transported to shelters.
Siasat news