Hyderabad: 291 youths held in Operation Chabutra in Old City

The residents of Fathe Darwaza, Chandrayangutta, Falaknuma, Jahanuma, Sulthanshahi, Chatrinaka, Reinbazar, Moghalpura areas of Old City have repeatedly requested the police to control rogue youths, who are sitting on the chabutras and teasing the passersby. In some instances, the youths were threatening the residents and created fear psychosis.

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The South Zone Police focused on youths, including minors, who are roaming and wandering in the streets at late nights in the old city and teasing the passersby. In order to prevent the menace, ACPs Charminar and Falaknuma Divisions with 15 teams conducted Operation Chabutra on the intervening night of October 24/25 between 1 am and 3 am. Police teams intercepted 291 youths, who were roaming on the streets and sitting on chabutras in the old city and causing disturbance to common public.

Among them 15 youths were caught for rash and negligence driving. Youth were attracting to the late night rash driving for fun. Due to their rash driving they may die in the accidents or may cause injuries to the other people. Bottom line the parents will be landed to sorrow for their doings. Some 37 people were identified as the repeated offenders involved in nuisance cases and they were booked in e-petty cases and produced before the Court.


Addressing the media, V. Satyanarayana, IPS, Dy. Commissioner of Police, South Zone said youth are roaming in late nights, forming into groups and creating annoyance to public, boozing in public places. Total 37 offenders were taken into custody and booked under E-petty cases and sent to judicial remand for Two to Three days, which made a very good impact in public for the immediate punishment to the offenders. Kamatipura, kalapathar, Falaknuma, Chandrayangutta, sultanshahi and Mirchowk areas we got repeated calls from the people to conduct Chabutra mission, this is the main reason behind the operation. Organised criminals, Land grabbers and Pahelwans all have been booked under PD Act in Old City.

“In Next notification for the constables, we want to establish the youth of Old City in this for which training programs, skill development programs have been organized by South Zone Police along with Jagruthi Academy. (NSS)