Hyderabad: 24 yr old victim escapes after 13 years of flesh trade

A survivor of flesh trade, who was abducted nearly 13 years ago, managed to escape from the clutches of traffickers. Before she was trapped in the flesh trade business, the victim had been working as a domestic help.

The accused, Pakanati Padmamma (65), along with her daughter-in-law, Pakanati Savithri (30), who resides in Abdullapurmet village used to find minor girls and women from AP to run their flesh trade business. She used to give the victims 5,000- 6,000 a month and spend the rest on herself and her family.

Recently as just police were conducting checks at Abdullapurmet, the victim who was at a home in the same area escaped and sought their help. Following which three traffickers, including the kingpin, was arrested. The girl, who is now 24, was abducted when she was merely 11-year-old from Vijayawada.

The victim girl was sent to Prajwala Rescue Home and through her, police have caught the duo and one aide Bunadri Sandhya, now police have sent a team to Vijayawada to track other associates.