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Hyderabad: 2-year-old, Zaki Abbas falls into open drain, dies

Hyderabad: 2-year-old, Zaki Abbas falls into open drain, dies

Hyderabad: In yet another case of GHMC authorities’ negligence, a two-year-old boy fell into an open drain and died on Saturday. The heartrending incident occurred at Rain Bazaar. Zaki Abbas went missing in the evening and later his body was found inside the drain by his parents.

The six-foot-deep drain on the roadside has been left open for more than a year at Maula Ka Chilla, a thickly populated area, in Rain Bazaar. Another drain was dug in the same area, 20 metres away from the first one, a month ago.

Locals complained that they are facing a lot of hardship due to both the drains which are kept open. They made repeated complaints to the GHMC but they fell on deaf years.

According to boy’s parents the boy was playing inside the house in the evening. His mother was busy in domestic chores. Later, when she looked around for him, he was missing. They searched the boy in the house and in the vicinity. An hour later, they found his body in the drain.

A resident of the area revealed that last year the entire area was flooded during monsoon. They were stranded in their homes because of the water flowing from the open drains. The open drains also serve as mosquito-breeding ground and are affecting the health of the people.

On the other hand GHMC officials give excuse saying that they were in the process of closing the drain, it was delayed because the drain is a big one and if it is closed in conventional way it will lead to blockade.

A case has been booked in this connection, but no one has been named as accused. The parents demanded filing a case against GHMC officials.