Hyderabad: 1640 terminated nurses stage one day hunger strike at Gandhi Bhavan

Hyderabad: The state government has terminated the jobs of 1640 nurses who were rendering their services during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The nurses have staged a one-day hunger strike against the government move at Gandhi Bhavan on Friday. The terminated nurses demanded to the state government that their services be restored and they should be employed permanently.

Congress and its youth wing supported the nurses’ agitation. Working President of the Pradesh Congress Committee Dr. Geeta Reddy and Youth Congress chief Shivsena Reddy met the striking nurses and assured the support of the Congress Party till their services are restored.

Dr. Geeta Reddy said the government had hired 1640 nurses when it needed during the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. She added that the nurses had rendered their services to the COVID-19 patients at a time when the second wave was at its peak. The termination of the nurses’ services is an inhuman act, she said.

Dr.Geeta Reddy further said that the state government should have regularised the services of the nurses on a permanent basis. She said that the Congress party will back the nurses till justice is served.

Meanwhile, Shivsena Reddy said that around 50,000 posts are needed to be filled up in the Health Department. Reddy demanded the state government to restore the services of the nurses in ten days else Congress Party will intensify the agitation.