Hyderabad: 105 jailed for drunken driving

Hyderabad: One hundred and five accused charged with drunken driving in the city were convicted and sentenced to undergo imprisonment and driving licences of 30 others were cancelled by the III & IV Metropolitan Court at Erramanzil. The magistrate also imposed fine of Rs 10,43,900 on the convicts.

One of the convicts was sentenced to 15-days imprisonment, another five for ten days, one for eight days, 4 for seven days, twelve for five days, eleven for four days , twenty seven for three days and 44 for two days. All the convicts were sent to Chanchalguda jail. Driving licences of five were cancelled permanently and licences of 25 were suspended. Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Hyderabad City, said the offenders will be sent for counseling at TTI, Goshamahal and Begumpet.

According to the Joint Commissioner of Police, the drive against drunken driving was conducted from March 19 to 23 and 486 charge-sheets were filed against the offenders. They were produced in the III and IV Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Erramanzil, Hyderabad. The delinquents, who were caught and convicted in drunken drive cases, would face difficulties in getting government jobs, passport and visa clearance.(NSS)