Hyderabad: 100 masajid left unattended

Hyderabad: Renovation of at least 100 mosques in the city are pending. These masajid belong to Qutub Shahi and Asif Jahi era and were endowed with the Waqf Board. Seeing the apathy of the Board and state government, some religious cum social organisations, with a little help from the authorities, are taking up the task of renovating the masajid.

DC has quoted Mr Mohammed Akram, who takes up the task of renovation of mosques and resuming prayers, as saying, “there are about 500 mosques across the state including about 100 in the city and outskirts where prayers were stopped as the structures were old and dilapidated. Previously, we received some financial assistance from the government to maintain the mosques but nothing is being given now.”

With the efforts of local youth groups and religious organisations, 27 masajid have been restored and renovated.

Mr Akram lamented that having no judicial powers, the Waqf Board is helpless to clear the encroachers. Besides the board lack adequate staff to oversee the maintenance.

When contacted TS Waqf Board chief Mohammed Saleem assured that funds would be provided for such mosques. He said a few mosques were under the control of the archaeological department and they were taking up the issue with them.