Hyd witnesses lifting Himayat Sagar gates after decades; people flock

Hyderabad: Almost after 10 years, the gates of the Himayat Sagar dam in Hyderabad were lifted by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) around midnight on Tuesday.

Out 13 of the 17 gates of the reservoir were lifted earlier in the day to release water downstream.

While, the inflows into Himayat Sagar receded gradually, they increased steadily in Osman Sagar. The water level in Osman Sagar on Wednesday was 1780.40 ft as against the FTL of 1790 ft. Though, the reservoir is still 10 feet short of from being filled, HMWSSB officials informed that in one day, the water level in the reservoir increased by almost seven feet due to heavy rains the catchment areas.

People in large were seen witnessing and enjoying the beautiful scene, almost after a decade.  The children were spot playing in the downstream waters in the Himayat Sagar.

The current water level in the reservoir is 1763.20 ft against the full tank level of 1763.5 ft.