Hyderabad-Mumbai bullet train project: Aerial survey to begin in 10 days

Hyderabad: A high speed rail corridor is being constructed to run the bullet train between Hyderabad and Mumbai. The project proposed by the National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation (NHSRC) has reached the final stage of Google mapping for route survey/construction. According to NHSRC, an aerial survey will begin in 10 days.

Pillars are currently being set up from Navi Mumbai to Hyderabad for GPS-based aerial survey. Recently, the construction of pillars between Vikarabad and Tandur has also been completed. The aerial survey will be completed within a month.

The construction of the high speed rail corridor will commence after the completion of technical process. “The construction of the high-speed rail corridor between the two cities will take at least three to four years,” an official of the NHSRC said.

The bullet train on these tracks will travel at a speed of 320 km per hour and will take about three and a half hours to cover 711 kms to reach Mumbai from Hyderabad.

Currently trains from Hyderabad to Mumbai take 13 to 14 hours. Meanwhile, the NHSRC has completed 4,109 km on 6 corridors across the country.

These corridors are Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Mumbai-Nagpur, Chennai-Bangalore-Mysore, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Delhi-Varanasi, Delhi-Ahmedabad, Delhi-Amritsar.