HYD: Amazon employee uses Facebook to advertise and sell drugs, Arrested

Social media has changed the way people interact. In many ways, social media has led to positive changes in the way people communicate and share information, however, some people use this platform in a wrong way.

The trend of selling the drugs online through online advertising is growing. In a similar case, an Amazon employee was uploading photos of cocaine, weed and LSD on his Facebook profile to sell them with his partner in crime, a pharmacist Prohibition and Excise Department arrested both of them. He was known for his posts on the social media platform, asking for buyers to approach him for the stash.




The duo was nabbed from Humayunnagar and 15 grams of cocaine, 80 grams of dry ganja, and two phones were seized from them. Facebook posts, photos uploaded to openly advertise their stock were used as evidence.  An ex-employee of Amazon, Mohd Irfan who is a mutual friend of the duo, who has been supplying them stash from Pune, is reportedly absconding,” Excise Inspector of District Task Force, Hyderabad K. Karuna said.

His last Facebook update on the late night before Koustav’s arrest was “Flight is in the morning and have some ecstasy and Charlie on me so need to distribute it asap. Ready to deliver anywhere. Charlie is 4k and ecstasy is 1k.”

After an arrest, the official said “We got an information that the boys were transferring drugs near the eye hospital and a team was promptly sent to nab them on Wednesday,”