Hussain Sagar spewing poisonous gases claim Activists

Hyderabad: Hussain Sagar is emanating poisonous and toxic gaseous claimed city activists demanding Pollution Control Board and lake engineering officials to check the inflow and outflow channels at Lower Tank Bund.

Various points like the weir, the sluice gate, area near the GHMC head office is spewing toxic froth coming from the lake – where the second outflow channel is situated, TNIE reports.

Activist Lubna Sarwath in her letter to the authorities said that the lake has become very polluted.

“Please test it for chemicals, heavy metals, pharma pollution, microplastics, human pathogens, apart from the standard parameters used for testing pollutants of water bodies.”

She added the lake is spewing poisonous gases that are hazardous to all employees working in the vicinity. Identifying the five key spots to check, she stated the gases are flowing through human habitation, endangering all living beings in the vicinity.

“On August 19, we visited North Tanks Division office at Buddha Bhawan.  For the couple of hours that we were in the office, we could not withstand the toxic air and smell. We wondered how NTD staff were working in such a place,” Lubna said in the letter.