Husband thrashes wife, bangs her head on wall for asking money to buy shampoo

Ahmedabad: In yet another incident a husband attacked his wife for asking money to buy shampoo.

Well, domestic violence cases are being reported where a husband for instances thrashed a woman so badly that he broke her thumb because she wasn’t paying attention to him.

And now in a similar incident as such a 42-year-old woman from Bavla village in Ahmedabad was thrashed, pulled by the hair by her husband for asking money to buy shampoo.

The woman later called Abhayam Helpline and narrated the incident. She also filed a complaint with Viramgam town police on Saturday.

In her complaint, she stated: “On Sunday morning when my husband was at home and I asked for some money, he became angry and started abusing me. When I tried to pacify him, he suddenly pulled my hair and banged my head on a wall.”

A woman counsellor too visited the woman’s house for counselling her husband but he paid no heed to the advice and instead asked his wife to leave home.

According to the complainant, the woman is married for 15 years whereas her husband works with Western Railway as a clerk who often beats her.

“When I got married my husband’s elder brother and sister-in-law used to stay with us. Since the beginning of our married life, my husband’s brother and sister-in-law used to provoke my husband to torture me,” the woman stated.

“I had kept quiet for long for the future of my two children,” said the complainant.

But her husband’s torture did not end even when the couple moved to Shastrinagar in Ahmedabad city.