Husband still receives “birthday cards” from his wife who died in 2016

Husband still receives “birthday cards” from his wife who died in 2016
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London: A woman who died in 2016 has still been sending birthday cards to her husband every year. She died of cancer on her 11th wedding anniversary.

According to the report published in Daily Mail, Kate Granger, wife of Chris Pointon had died due to rare form of cancer on her 11th wedding anniversary in 2016.

However, she wanted to wish her husband on his birthday every year. In order to fulfill her wish, she wrote 27 birthday cards and made an arrangement for surprise deliveries to her husband. Her husband will receive these cards till his 65th birthday.

On 11th April, he received another card with a message from his wife. Inside the letter it was written,

“To, my dearest Humpty Dumpty,
Into your 40s now, gorgeous.
Has all the hair gone now?!?
‘I love you and always will. So much.’ “.

It is also reported that Dr. Granger found that she was suffering from cancer in 2011. She was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour (DSRCT).

In 2013, she underwent surgery and spent long time in hospital. When she found that medical staff don’t say their name while introducing themselves, she started a campaign “Hello My Name Is…”.

Her idea was supported by many persons including Kylie Minogue, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Branson, David Cameron and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Dr. Granger who raised £250,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre in Leeds had passed away on 23rd July 2016.