Husband hits wife leaves her to bleed

Haryana: Drinking can never be termed safe as people who consume it are in a state where they loose their sense of right and wrong, committing crimes which often fall under the punishable category.

Well in India it is not new to come across women who are subjected to domestic violence or are victims to their husband’s inhumanity.

In a shocking incident reported in Haryana, a woman was withering in pain after being axed by her husband and bled for more than half-an-hour before she was taken to hospital and what is surprising is that instead of helping her, her neighbour’s watched her bleed in pain and also where very much interested in shooting the video of the helpless woman in pain.

Her husband Naresh accused her of cheating. He threw chilli powder on her face when he saw her and then hit her in the stomach, shoulder and knee with an axe used for chopping wood.

She begged for help for more than half an hour but nobody came forward to lend her help while her daughter was seen crying.
Inspector Ram Mehar said, “I came when I got a call. She was screaming. A man was making a video, I asked him to stop it. It is my appeal to everyone that before making videos, please help the victim first.”

Police has taken her husband in custody, sources reported.