Hungry goat chews owner’s Rs 66,000

KANPUR: A hungry pet goat munched on Rs 66,000 on Monday at Siluapur village in Kannauj District. Its owner Sarvesh Kumar Pal, who is a farmer had kept the money in his trouser’s pocket for the purpose of purchasing bricks for his house construction.

The currency was in the denomination of Rs 2,000 notes. When he saw the goat munching the notes, Sarvesh went to save some notes from being eaten up but could only save two Rs 2,000 notes in a damaged condition. There was no trace of the remaining 31 notes.

“I was taking a bath and the money was kept in the pocket of my trousers. Notorious for eating all kinds of paper products, the goat seized the chance to munch on its favourite food. What to do, my goat is like a child to me,” Sarvesh said with a broad smile. “Later, two notes wet in saliva could be retrieved in a damaged condition,” he added.

The goat has become famous overnight, neighbours and even villagers from nearby areas are visiting Sarvesh’s house to have a glimpse of the celebrity goat. People are even clicking selfies with it.

“Some even suggested to take the goat to veterinarians and get some medicines to make the animal vomit and recover the lost money. Many asked me to sell the goat to a butcher as it has brought misfortune to us,” Sarvesh said.

A neighbour said in a lighter note to hand over the goat to the police as it had committed a serious crime. “We can’t be cruel to our pet. It is like our own child,” Sarvesh and his wife said.