Hungary closes its borders to Croatia to stem ‘migrant’ flow

Zakany/Beremend: The Hungarian government has closed its southern borders with Croatia, diverting routes of thousands of Middle Eastern, African and Asian migrants into Slovenia.

The decision has come a month after the Hungarian government had slammed its door to hundreds of migrants by closing its borders with Siberia.

The country, while erecting a steel fence in its southern frontier, said that it is duty-bound to secure the borders of European Union (EU) mainly from the Muslims migrants that threaten the prosperity, security and ‘Christian values’ of Europe, the Reuters reported.

Croatia, through which the migrants used to enter Hungary, has decided to now divert the migrants to Slovenia.

Both the countries have indicated that there will be no restriction till the time Germany and Austria continue to open their gates for the migrants.

Germany and Austria are said to the most preferred destination for the migrants.