Hung Lok Sabha; Elections again within two years: Top Astrologer

Hyderabad: Maha Mahopadhyaya, Srikalahasti Swami Devasthanam astrologer, Pandit Mulugu Ramalingeswara Varaprasadu Siddhanthi has predicted that the present (April, May) general elections will throw up a Hung Lok Sabha and there will be election again within two years. He also forecast that the strength of BJP will decline in the country. Though the efforts for formation of third front will be intensified, the result will be a Zero.

In his New Year (Vikari) almanac, the Siddhanthi, who claims to be a world’s top astrologer, and who has the credit of correctly predicting many of the political and other events earlier, stated that Mamta Bannerjee of West Bengal, Nitish Kumar of Bihar and Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh will create confusion in political field. There will be set back for Navin Patnaik in Odisha, while the BJP will gain to some extent in that State.

It may be recalled that the Siddhanthi had last year predicted the victory of TRS in Telangana, the increase in importance of Amit Shah, the BJP chief, the downfall of Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan, ‘Raja Yogam’ for Kumara Swamy (who became Chief Minister of Karnataka), set back to Siddaramaiah in Karnataka, that Andhra Pradesh will not get Special Category status, the BJP will taste defeat in Assembly elections in some of the States and that the High Court will be divided for Andhra Pradesh State.

Some of the predictions made by the Siddhanthi in the new year which commenced on April 6 are: Congress will get strengthened due to Rahul’s campaign; increase in consumption of drugs and spread of the evil even to villages; medicines and other equipment used for children in treatment will become costly; Education will not be within the reach of common man and poor people have to sell their farm land or house site to admit their kids even in LKG and to pay college fees and no one in authority will take any steps to stop these types of rot. Even middle class people will not afford proper treatment.

Another disturbing prediction made by the Siddhanthi is that large scale unemployment among software staff and some thousands of staff will loose jobs in one day. There is danger of the youth (both boy and girls) becoming weak and helpless. He also forecast that there will be large scale adulteration in food products: oil extracted from rotten meat, mirchi powder made out of bricks, turmeric made out of saw mill dust, kumkum made out of dust, mixing up of duplicates in red gram, adulteration in cool drinks and ice creams. These will result in many ailments, but no one in power will take due note of these evil practices.

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