Hundreds at IIT Kanpur use drugs with the help of insiders, says internal probe

Kanpur: An internal probe on Saturday revealed that a few hundreds of IIT-Kanpur students used drugs, the administration said.

“As per an internal assessment, a few hundred bright students of the institute are using drugs on the campus and the situation is alarming. We have raised the issue with district magistrate Surendra Singh, who has acknowledged the fact and assured an immediate and appropriate response,” acting director Professor Manindra Agarwal told TOI.

He said some students were found being critically drug abused, “but many more are yet to be identified,” he added.

According to him, “The investigation has revealed the role of ‘insiders’, including security personnel, temporary staff and also students, in peddling drugs on the campus. We are now planning to hold counselling sessions for the entire student community in the next semester, beginning January, to keep them away from drugs.”

Agarwal pointing towards a remedial action said, that the administration needs to counsel the students and tell them about the harmful effects of drugs.

“But there is also an urgent need to identify and crack down on drug peddlers for whom students are a soft target. The situation has reached such a pass that there is no other way left but to take direct action against drug suppliers and also students who won’t see reason,” he said.