Hundred year old ‘nala’ from Falaknuma to Nayapul unearthed

Hyderabad: A 12 km long ‘nala’ which was constructed for draining rain water was unearthed. It is reported that it was constructed 100 years back. It was discovered at Falaknuma. This nala leads to Nayapul.

During the excavation for developmental works, this nala was discovered. The strange thing is that even after the lapse of a century, its construction is in good condition. Despite draining dirty water, no garbage is accumulated in the nala.

It may be mentioned that there are so many nalas in the city which drain rain water but most of them are not in good condition.

Chief Engineer of GHMC, Mr. Ziauddin told that if the constructions are made without accepting any bribe, their long life would be guaranteed. He further told that many such nalas which exists in the city would be excavated since the engineers of today have to learn from the quality of construction of the past.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]