Human negligence polluting lakes, says KTR

Stating that the tanks and lakes were being polluted due to the mistakes of human beings, IT and MAUD Minister KT Ramarao has said the State government was cleaning 40 tanks located under Outer Ring Road limits.

Replying to the queries raised by BJP member Dr K Laxman during the question hour here on Wednesday, KTR said there were 185 tanks under GHMC limits and 3132 tanks under HMDA limits and the tanks were being polluted due to the of sewage water. He made it clear that the tanks located across the city were under Shikham Pattas. He said the GHMC proposed to take up restoration and comprehensive development of 20 lakes at a cost of Rs 287.93 crore in first phase by construction of diversion drains for diverting sewerage from entering into the lakes and construction of wet land ponds to obstruct floating debris and establishment of I&D structures and silt traps.

The Minister said that to prevent industrial pollution, the State Pollution Board was taking effective measures. The Board has directed all the industries to close the outlets, which may otherwise join the water bodies. Industries were directed to construct separate drains for storm water/rain water and effluents. While issuing consents to operate, the industries were directed to segregate effluents into Low TDS and High TDS. The industries were directed to install zero liquid discharge systems to treat the effluent generated or become members of common effluent treatment plant (CETP).
The minister also said the biological oxygen levels in Hussain Sagar were decreased and the government was cleaning sincerely the Hussain Sagar lake.
The government was constructing 20 Vinayaka Sagars across the city. The government was firm on restoration and beatification of lakes and there were 1,234 industries polluted prone and the government has prepared plans to shift them from the City. The government will shift the 100 such industries from the city. The government was contemplating to shift 400 more industries to proposed Pharma City. Already 13 industries were closed for the environmental protection sake, he added. (NSS)