Huge fine on debris throwers in city soon

The GHMC was contemplating to impose heavy fines against those throwing construction debris waste in the nalas, lakes and so on unauthorizedly. The offence will be viewed seriously and the vehicles which are carrying debris waste will be seized besides imposing huge penalties on them.

In this connection, a review meeting with regard to C&;D waste was held by the Mayor and Commissioner, which was attended by the connected line departments who are dealing with civil engineering works in the twin cities like R&B, Road Development Corporation, HMWS&SB, HMDA etc. Vishwajeet Kampati, Director, Vigilance, Addl,. Commissioners Sruthi Ojha, Ravi Kiran, Chief Engineers, Jiauddin, Suresh, Sreedhar and other senior officials of various wings have attended the meeting.

Addressing the officials the Mayor said some 2000 tons of C&D waste was generated in a day in GHMC and surroundings as per one of the surveys. Till date, there are no such provisions to curb the C&D waste menace. Now the GHMC was planning to exercise the new rule to curb the menace based as per the provisions of the Solid Waste Management to this effect and the matter will be placed before the State government for issuing a G.O, The Mayor has directed all the connected officials to create awareness about the rules to the contractors and other concerned to follow the prescribed rules to curb the C&D waste menace.

Dr B. Janardhan Reddy said Delhi, Nagpur, Ahmedabad cities are having C& D mechanism providing some of the plants on the same lines the GHMC will take up some of the plants with more effective and modernized to curb the menace. The commissioner also stated that now separate charges for sft., will be charged for collection of construction debris waste. (NSS)