Why such a hue & cry over every issue related to Muslims?

Love jihad issue is generally being used to defame Muslims. Recent example is the case of reverted Muslim girl Hadiya, who married with a Muslim boy. The case is pending with Supreme Court. RSS cadre is quite active in Kerala and to consolidate the party in Kerala the case is being dragged. Hadiya’s case is one of the cases which show the efforts to distort the image of Muslims. Recently triple talaq issue also caught huge media attention.

RSS and likeminded parties see love between Hindu girl and Muslim boy as love Jihad. Terming love between a boy and a girl as love jihad shows the male domination prevalent in the society. The point to be noted is only poor and middle class people are made the target. There are several cases where inter-religious marriages happened. But no one raised love jihad issue. Shahrukh Khan, Amer Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Irfan Khan, Saleem Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Sajid Nadiawala, Imran Hashmi, Muzaffar Ali, Imtiyaz Ali, Aziz Mirza, Farhan Akhtar, etc. also married Hindu girls but these are powerful people, this may be the reason that no comment was made against them.

Wives of BJP leaders Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Husain and M J Akbar are also Hindus, they are never mentioned may be because they are their own people.

The main issue is social and economical. Only the poorest class of the society are targeted by all the politicians and religious people for their vested interest. This is not the case with only Hindu girls. Recently father and brothers gang-raped girl after she eloped with her boyfriend, to teach her a lesson. Why this barbarism?

Every day girls are killed in the name of honour killing in the diameter of 100 kms around Delhi. Society should come forward to solve the matter. Girl victims can be of any religion. As far as the Muslims are concerned the Holy Quran has a solution to all problems. The correct interpretation of the Holy Book has solved and will solve all problems. If Government wants to make a law related to Muslims, it should ponder over the teachings of Holy Quran. Every democratic government is bound to take people’s wish into consideration.