Huawei to bring wireless charging with Mate 20 Pro in India

New Delhi: Chinese tech giant Huawei Consumer Business Group on Tuesday announced it was ready to bring its wireless charging capabilities with the launch of premium Mate 20 Pro smartphone in India next month.

The wireless charger is developed on the Qi standard for universal compatibility, thus, allowing it to identify smartphones, earbuds and other devices and adjust output power automatically to charge them safely.

With a 10-minute 15W wireless charging session, the wireless charger tops up the battery 12 percent, while a 30-minute charge gives the battery 31 per cent juice, the company said in a statement.

“With the launch of the flagship Mate 20 Pro slated next month, wireless reverse charging is also a feature that the device is capable of, thus, enabling users to take maximum advantage of the large battery inside the device to charge other Qi-enabled devices,” the company added.

The Mate 20 Pro would be the first device from Huawei’s stable which is powered by the world’s first 5G-ready 7nm (nanometre) chipset Kirin 980, equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, to launch in India.

Other notable features of the wireless charger include comprehensive safety protection features through which the device detects foreign objects such as keys, coins and other metal objects and automatically powers off.

The Huawei wireless charger also has a built-in chip that can adjust the output power automatically according to the ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage.