HP Inc. brings world’s thinnest, sleekest laptop to India

New Delhi: Style and luxury with powerful performance. With these words, HP Inc on Tuesday unveiled the world’s thinnest laptop HP Spectre 13 in India which is as thin as a AAA- battery at just 10.4 mm and weighs only 1.1 kg with 13.3-inch edge-to-edge display.

The device will be available in India from July 25 with a starting price of Rs 1,19,990.

Coming with a jaw-dropping design, Spectre 13 is equipped with sixth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, 8GB RAM and hyperbaric cooling technology that helps the device draws cool air and directs it over the processor rather than just venting heat out, thus keeping the device cool with peak performance.

“Targeted at the youth, the launch of Spectre 13 is to make our mark in the premium market in India. We are already the leader in the overall Indian PC market and with this device, we will push our innovations and experiences deeper into the domestic market,” Ketan Patel, Director, Personal Systems Business, HP Inc India, told IANS.

“India is poised for a technology leap and Spectre 13 will fulfil the requirements of the young millennials. It is truly a non-compromised product when compared with the rival premium products in the same category,” Patel added.

Launched by filmmaker Muzaffar Ali and his wife Meera at an event in the capital, the premium notebook has full HD IPS Corning Gorilla Glass 4 display and Bang & Olufsen audio with Quad Speakers Sound.

High-gloss copper accents reflect a hand-polished, jewellery-like finish and an innovative hidden piston hinge creates the illusion of a hinge-less design to offer an unmatched premium look-and-feel.

An innovative hybrid battery split into two thinner pieces delivers the same wattage as a single battery for up to 9 hours 45 minutes of charge.

It has three full function USB Type-CTM connectors, including two of which support ThunderboltTM, to provide a fast, versatile I/O (input/output) connection.

“We are at the forefront of delivering industry-leading innovation and HPÂ’s Spectre 13 is a beautifully crafted Notebook and a reflection of what many millennials aspire to be — exceptional, cool, dazzling, standing out from the crowd, but making an impact,” added Rajiv Srivastava, Managing Director, HP Inc. India.

The device packs in a lightning fast PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) with storage up to 512GB with up to 8GB of memory.

Being skinny is the new buzzword and HP Inc — while re-jigging their notebook portfolios for the premium segment — have joined the race to shed weight and go thin in recent months.

“The awe-inspiring Spectre 13 is everything that an artist would want to see in a technology product. The colour, the sleek design, the craftsmanship and sheer elegance of the HP Spectre inspired us to create something that is equivalent in the fashion world,” Ali said.