How a zealot Qadiani received Divine Guidance and came into the folds of Islam

Qadiani by birth, Tahir Mansoor of Islamabad, belonged to a zealot Qadiani family belonging to the royal family of Mirza Qadiani. Qadianis also call themselves Ahmadi. His grandfather was an employee of the British army from where he adopted qadianiat as religion. His maternal grandfather who was in police also became a part of Qadianiat religion. Mansoor has served on important designations and departments of Qadianiat. He used to take a very active part in the preaching of Qadianiat.

According to Tahir Mansoor, in Qadianiat from the very childhood, abhorrence for Muslims, especially for the religious sects of Muslims is sown in the hearts. They are told that they are the only single group which is on the right path and will go to Jannah. He also revealed that Qadianis have established their own paradise named Bahishti Maqbarah and it is said that if you give 10 pc donation for Qadianiat you will enter there. Mansoor disclosed that Qadianis don’t have permission to keep Islamic books and Qur’anic tafsir.

Mansoor got a chance to visit Saudi Arab for a job. Once he was posted as leader of Qadianis. When he saw too many Muslims coming from across the world at Arafat. He got confused how can so many people be bad and hellward? He prayed to Allah (swt) for guidance. He researched for the truth of Qadiani religion for 12 years. He decided to go the birthplace of the religion. So visited India which has the centre of the Qadianis.

When he and his mother went there, they were very disappointed and shocked to know that what they were following was actually based on shirk. People there literally worshipped Mirza Qadiani and his belongings. After returning from there they were firm that Qadianiat was not a true and right religion. Then he again prayed to Allah to show the light of guidance. Then he felt it’s the time to embrace Islam. Without wasting a moment he embraced Islam. Later his mother also embraced Islam. However, he faced strong opposition from his wife. His wife took away their children. They told him to repent as he has become an apostate according to them. He was kept as a captive when he went there to get back his children.

Mansoor says, after embracing Islam, my only goal of life is to guide those who are wandering in darkness especially the Qadianis.

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