How to use speed up and secure your internet in 2 minutes

In todays world every company is behind our data, It is becoming more difficult and expensive to keep our records clean and secure. Cloudflare has intorduced and DNS and also signed a contract with an external auditing firm KPMG to delete all the user requests in 24 hours and that none of them will be written on a hard drive.

Doing this small change to your router or to your wifi device will make your internet experience faster and more secure.

Cloudflare is offering you its own consumer DNS service today that will speed up your iOS, Android and your desktop’s internet connection to the max and keep it privatised as well. So how do you set it up?

Thankfully, the setup isn’t so technical as we thought. There’s an online guide at their website here that says even if you’re not a techie, it only takes 2 minutes without any special software. Here it goes.

For Android

  • Go to settings -> connections -> WiFi
  • Long tap your current WiFi until a list appears and tap on Manage Network Settings
  • Under Manage Network Settings, go to advance options and tap on IP settings, then tap on Static
  • After that, make sure your DNS 1 and 2 is listed as and respectively

For iOS

  • From your iPhone’s home screen, open the Settings app
  • Tap Wi-Fi, then tap your preferred network in the list
  • Tap Configure DNS, then tap Manual
  • If there are any existing entries, tap the – button, and Delete next to each one
  • Tap the + Add Server button, then type
  • Tap the + Add Server button again, then type This is for redundancy
  • Tap the Save button on the top right