How to stay fit in the changing season

New Delhi [India], Nov 22 (ANI): The change of seasons should be used as a cue to take even more care of your health.

The change in temperature results in modification of the routine, diet and even exercise regimen. However, if you have been investing the whole year in becoming more fit, you also don’t want that effort to go waste.

So, how can you maintain that balance between enjoying the winter season and simultaneously maintaining your health?

There are five lifestyle changes recommended by Yamnish Kaul of Indian Earth, that each of us can adopt throughout the changing season

Eat, but don’t over-eat

Over-eating is the key word here. You must enjoy what you eat, even if it means a dessert or a glass of wine, but be sure to never overdo it. Our body only uses what it needs, and the excess gets stored as energy, and that excess energy is in the form of fat for later use.

Do not eat with guilt

Even the sight of sweets seems to make some people nervous and jittery. Festive food is meant to be enjoyed with joy, and if it leaves you feeling guilty, you are better off not eating it. If you eat with guilt and anxiety, your body perceives it as a stressful situation and releases a hormone called cortisol, which makes you fat. So make a resolution to not feel guilty and you will be fine all through the season.

Be active, but in a smart way

Many of us are unable to stick to our regular fitness regimen during the changing season since one gets more lazy and lethargic. But workouts don’t have to happen only at the gym. They can happen within the comforts of your home or even while you are travelling. If you don’t have 30 minutes to work out, aim for 20 minutes or 10, or a minimum of four minutes.

Don’t skimp on sleep

During changing season, it can be easy to skip or not get enough sleep. But you should focus on quality sleep even in those handful of hours that you are left with. Sleep is when your body detoxifies and rejuvenates you from all the hustle and bustle of this season. It regulates your mood, boosts your gut health, immunity, regulates appetite and puts you in a better position to make healthy choices during the day.

Go ‘raw’ till lunch

Another helpful strategy is to eat ‘raw’ until lunch. This means from the time you wake up, you are only on raw, uncooked food like muskmelon seeds, watermelon seeds, cornflakes, fruits, nuts, sprouted pulses, vegetable juices, and your first cooked meal is your lunch. This helps your body effectively detoxify. [source_without_link]ANI[/source_without_link]