How to spend a carefree life?

If one wants to lead a carefree life, he must keep in mind that whatever Allah has planned for him is the best for him and will reach him anyway. If a man firmly believes that ‘What is meant for him, will reach him even if it is beneath two mountains. And what isn’t meant for him, won’t reach him even if it is between his two lips.’ Then all his worries will fade away. And he will live a carefree life. Allah has control over everyone’s affairs. He knows what we need, so He gives us what we need, not always what we want.

If a man puts faith in these two ayahs he will no more be apprehensive about his future. In Surah 54 ayah 49 Allah (swt) says: Inna kulla shay-in khalaqnahu biqadarin (Verily, all things
Have We created in proportion and measure.) (54:49)

In another ayah He says: qad ja ‘a lallahu li kulli shayin qadra (verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.) (65:3)