How a simple Facebook ‘like’ can mean ‘violation of law’

London, Aug 13 : If you thought your pressing “like” on Facebook was an innocent task, there’s news for you as man recently went violated a court order for liking a woman’s picture and could be facing serious charges.

It turns out that the Pennsylvania resident, Justin Bellanco, had violated a no-contact restraining order when he ” liked” 22 videos and photos of a woman he was allegedly harassing on Facebook, the Mirror reported.

24-year-old April Holland had obtained a protection from abuse order on July 28, claiming that her ex-boyfriend Bellanco, 26, has been stalking and harassing her and her friends, and at one point threatened to shoot her in the knee cap.

Following the claims, a Luzerne County Judge granted a restraining order as per which Bellanco had to stay away from Holland for a year.

But after he broke the rules, he has been charged with contempt of court, even though he claims to have no clue that “liking” on Facebook was a violation of the judge’s order.

Notably, back in April 2014, Bellanco had obtained a protection from abuse order against Holland after she allegedly choked him during a domestic clash. (ANI)