This is how PM Modi manages anger

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that he never gets angry.
In what can be termed as a non-political interview, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told actor Akshay Kumar that he believes that anger entails negativity.

Asked by Kumar, if he gets angry, Prime Minister Modi replied, “I do not express my anger as it leads to negativity.”

The Prime Minister explained, “Over the years I have trained myself in a way that I do not express anger, instead, I try to get best out of the situation by inspiring others”.

On being asked by Kumar that PM Modi is known for his strictness, He said, “I am strict and disciplined but I do not get angry or insult any person.”

He asserted that “being strict, disciplined and getting angry are two different things.”

PM Modi further explained, “If something unpleasant happens, then I write about it on a piece of paper and then tear that paper. I repeat the process again till the time I calm down. By doing this I feel that I have vent out my anger, in the end I tear the papers.”