How to pick warmest workwear trends this winter

New Delhi:Indian men are excruciatingly conservative with a colour palette that usually spans from blue to black. How about making an exception this winter season with some smart choices?

After looking at international trends and styles that are big on experiments, Rohan Khattar, Co-founder, Minizmo and Karan Sethi, Celebrity Stylist, shortlisted a few trends that can help the Indian men change their winter workwear game.

* Sneakers with suits: A new trend that has very well made its entry into the corporate sector but one should make sure that the choices should be kept subtle with basic shapes like maybe Adidas Stan Smith and even the colours should be either black or white with similar coloured laces.

* Splash of colour: A splash of colour can help break up the workwear palette. Maybe like a red jumper, startling blue jacket or some bright pop scarves can add that edge too.

* Double breasted jackets: Double breasted jackets made a comeback last year in the Indian market but internationally they have been present since long. The major myth that prevailed among Indian men was that it doesn’t suit the average Indian fit but there are some tricks that can undo the same. Like avoiding shoulder pads and go for narrow lapel. Also, always remember to keep the last button unbuttoned.

* Turtle necks: A look that we personally love is pairing blazers/jackets with turtle necks. Go for contrasting colours as they look really good. Another benefit is that this look will keep you warm in this extremely cold weather.

* Overcoats: Keeping the temperature that is touching new lows this year, we can’t forget the winter staple that is comfortable yet stylish – overcoats. Trenchcoats, peacoats, double or single-breasted and duffels are just a few types of coats good for men. Layer the look with shirts, pullovers to keep it warm.

* Pattern suits: If you’re opening yourself to a little experimentation, why not go all the way? We’re talking about suits in geometric patterns. Try stripes, mini & micro checks. Do away with plain, block coloured suits.