How to match classy pump heels with shimmery make up

New Delhi: While dressing up for parties, it is important to match your classy footwear with the right make up. Experts suggest how to get it right.

Kalpana Sharma, Make up Artist at The Body Shop India and Yugaank Sharma, CEO of Vincenzio Robertina list down some suggestions.

* Metallic yellow to gold shimmer eyes : With jazzy yellow metallic heels, ooze out the zesty you with makeup more driven towards shimmery cat eyes. To keep the look subtle yet zingy, opt for a nude lip shade for a natural lip highlight. Let pigmented yellow tinge shimmer eyes do the talking around and speak the classy story about you. To change the look of your face and something new to try, go bold with ombre lips. Go for golden ombre lips on matte shade of any lip color.

* Smoky shimmer with classy pumps: Smoky shimmer eyes are an all-rounder, for every dress and matches with all colors of pumps. Opt for a complete look with smoky shimmer eyes with red tone lip tint to complete the look. With the bling footwear, keep your dress simple and face highlighted with smoky black and well kohl eyes.

* Shimmer metallica for silver shades: Add a look of unicorn or holographic eye makeup to just go metallic. Wear a dress of one color only topping up metallic heels. Go for silver, unicorn and holographic eye colors these days and have a bunch of holographic eye makeup kits to step up with a more high range of bling to your face.

* Copper shimmer with red-pink-yellow-orange pumps: Copper is a perfect color for every outfit and every footwear you wear. With just the effect of highlighter on to your check bones, pick for copper eyes with a liner of soft eye liner and pink toned lips. Match your accessories accordingly for a complete party popper look.