How to make a balcony garden- grow your own veggies this summer

LONDON: Growing your food isn’t rocket science because starting an edible garden is not as hard as it seems. It just requires time, patience and care. Even if you don’t have space for a garden, even a small balcony and windowsill can work well.

It is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home-grown veggie. You learn to appreciate amazing fresh flavours when you grow your own food and with no plastic wrapping, it is a guilt-free trip.

Even if you only have a narrow 10th-floor balcony or a small window still, you can grow so much in pots, including sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and fiery chillies quoted Homes and Property.

In about a month when the seedlings are bigger, you can plant them outside in larger terracotta pots to grow on to maturity. In the beginning, a window sill or countertop is fine as long as it’s warm and gets lots of natural light.

From small 9cm plastic pots to recycled yoghurt pots and coffee cups, anything can be used as long as you make a few drainage holes in the bottom. Plastic lids from food pots make good drip trays to save your windowsills.

Sow the seeds roughly as deep as the seed is large and then keep the compost moist after sowing. You can use an old plastic water bottle with holes pierced in the lid to sprinkle the surface every day or so.

You could also cover the tops of the pots with foil to keep the moisture in until the seeds germinate. Then take it off so they can get some air.

From tomatoes, chillies and perpetual spinach you can now grow them all in your own little garden.

Also not to forget, the pride you will take in sharing healthy food nurtured by your own efforts. (ANI)