For how long Indian Muslims will be threatened to be sent to Pakistan – Azam Khan

Lucknow: Azam Khan, who has been under attack for writing to the United Nations, asking it to intervene in the murder of a Dadri resident, Mohammed Akhlaq on the rumours that he had consumed and stored beef at his house, said that even after six decades of independence, Muslims in India were being threatened to be sent to Pakistan. He asked that for how long Muslims would be asked to go to Pakistan.

Azam Khan at a function in Lucknow said that there are many forces who are trying to change Hindustan to Hindu Rastra.

Azam Khan said that world is not blind and is watching the events from Babari to Dadari. He also said that during Independence, Muslims did not leave India because they belief that India is a secular country but certain groups are trying to change the secular country to Hindu Rastra.

He asked that why there were no objection when some of the organizations wrote to UN in the Badaun Rape Case? Why they were not asked to go to Pakistan? Why these communal forces silent at that time?