How to layer up smartly this winter

New Delhi: As the winter arrives, the wardrobe is full of turtleneck sweaters or shirts, cardigans, shawl, mufflers, ankle length or knee length boots. But teaming the right look also demands good amount of time, so make sure you are doing it right.

Ashima Sharma, Owner of Ashima S Couture and Anushka Tugnait, celebrity stylist, offer some tips to layer up smartly this winter.

* Denim jacket with high neck top along with the jeans and boots – This winter season layering is becoming a trend. So, for a layering combination worthy of few compliments, try to team up your denim jacket with a turtleneck sweater.

Let it be thin cotton or chunky wool, a highneck shirt will not only keep you warm, but it will also elegantly elongate your neck. To make it more stylish, pair it with skinny jeans and a boot. You wear a mini skirt as an alternative to skinny jeans. Finish off the look with some light accessories. Or you may simply go with bold red lip colour.

* Short skirt with high boots, with crop top under an oversize woollen cardigan – Do you always thought of wearing a short skirt for winter. There is something about rocking a knee-baring mini with high boots that feel so chic.

Well, you can follow this style and stay warm and trendy at the same time. Pair your mini skirt with a crop top under a woollen cardigan. If you want to give a professional cum casual touch to this look, wear a well-fitted tank top in place of the crop top. To complete the look wear knee-length boots. This style leaves an impression of being tall.

* Sweatshirt with binny cap paired with Jeans – Sweatshirts for a long time have been associated with sporty types, but over the years, it has evolved as a versatile wardrobe necessity. Now sweatshirts are more than comfy clothing. Pairing a sweatshirt with a jeans will give a chic and elegant look. You can alternate the jeans with a mini skirt.

Make sure the sweatshirt is about the right size. An oversize may come across as a lounge wear. A perfect fit will give a stylish look. To add more glam, wear it with heels. To top the look you can also wear a binny which is also a winter wardrobe essential.

* Full sleeve t-shirt under a cropped sweater with under jacket, skin fit jeans with casual shoes-Crop tops are not just for summers, you can still get your crop top style fixed for colder months. Crop sweaters are one of the trending styles.

Pair the crop sweaters with full sleeves, button-down shirt and skin fit jeans. To add the sex quotient, wear a casual shoe along with it. If you want a professional look, then instead of jeans wear a formal trouser with heels. Wear minimal accessories with this style.