How to gain first position in life’s exam? A spiritual tip

Hammad Saafi a 10-year-old young speaker from Pakistan says whatever we eat should be Halal. Not a morsel of food should be haram. The young speaker gives a message to the parents saying, make it a point that whatever you are feeding to your children, paying for studies, must be halal then only they will be able to grab the knowledge.

Master Hammad cited Allama Iqbal’s example whose mother, according to the young speaker, used to feed a milk of glass daily. One day she didn’t bring him the glass of milk. When Allama Iqbal enquired about the matter, she told that on that particular day her goat grazed in the field of some other person. She was so pious that she didn’t think it appropriate to feed the milk of the goat when she grazed in the field of another person.

The young speaker claimed that this was the reason that Allama Iqbal became such a great poet and a towering personality.

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