How does dieting during pregnancy influence your newborn’s allergies?

Washington: Pregnancy period is the most precious and crucial stage for every woman. In order to prevent future food allergies in their newborns, pregnant women deliberately stop eating specific food items.

The study, conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tracked 2,000 pregnant women from the third trimester of pregnancy and their infants through the first year of life.

“At the time the survey, few pregnant women said they gave up certain food items with the express aim of avoiding a food allergy in their babies,” said researcher Karen Robbins. “However, mothers who had an older child with a food allergy or who had food allergies themselves had significantly higher odds of trying this food avoidance strategy.”

Despite diet changes, infants born to these mothers were twice as likely to experience problems with food at the age of four months-though not at the age of nine months or 12 months, and these infants were no more likely to be diagnosed with a food allergy.