How countries across the globe will fast during Ramzan 2021?

Hyderabad: Muslims around the world are preparing for Ramzan as the holy month is likely to begin from April 12 this year depending on the sighting of the crescent moon.

The holy month of Ramzan is special to Muslims around the world as it is believed that the initial revelations of the Holy Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammed´Ě║ in this month.

During the entire month of Ramzan, Muslims are obligated to fast and abstain from all food or drink, including water from dawn to sunset.

However, the duration of the fasting hours varies, depending on which part of the world you live in.

The duration varies anywhere between 11 hours to 20 hours. The southernmost countries are expected to have the shortest fasting hours and the northernmost countries are expected to have the longest.

Muslims living in countries like Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden are expected to fast for longer hours that could range anywhere between 17-20 hours per day.

In countries like New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Uruguay and South Africa, Muslims will have to fast for a shorter time that could range between 11-12 hours per day.

In countries such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, Muslims will have to observe 14 to 15 hours of fasting per day.

In the list given below, you can check the fasting hours of different countries of the world:

Countries with longer fasting hours                                                

CountryDuration of the fast
Greenland19-20 hours
Iceland19-20 hours
Finland18-19 hours
Sweden17-18 hours
Norway17-18 hours
Russia17-18 hours
Germany16-17 hours
Poland16-17 hours
UK16-17 hours
France16-17 hours
Kazakhstan16-17 hours
Belgium16-17 hours
Switzerland16-17 hours
Canada15-16 hours
Italy15-16 hours
Spain15-16 hours
China15-16 hours
USA15-16 hours
Turkey15-16 hours
Japan14-15 hours
Pakistan14-15 hours
Iran14-15 hours
Iraq14-15 hours
Syria14-15 hours
Palestine14-15 hours
India14-15 hours
UAE14-15 hours
Qatar14-15 hours
Saudi Arabia14-15 hours
Afghanistan14-15 hours
Bangladesh14-15 hours

Countries with shorter fasting hours                                                

CountryDuration of the fast
New Zealand11-12 hours
Chile11-12 hours
Australia11-12 hours
Uruguay11-12 hours
South Africa11-12 hours
Argentina11-12 hours
Zimbabwe12-13 hours
Brazil12-13 hours
Indonesia12-13 hours
Singapore13-14 hours
Malaysia13-14 hours
Sudan13-14 hours
Thailand13-14 hours
Yemen13-14 hours