Houthi rebels target ‘Makkah’ with ballistic missile – Saudi coalition

Riyadh: Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen claimed that Houthi rebels of Yemen launched a ballistic missile toward Makkah city in Saudi Arabia on Thursday. They also claimed that they shot it down.

According to the report TRT World, in a statement, Coalition said that air defense forces shot down the missile over the Wasaliyah area of Taif province which is 69 km from Makkah. The coalition also said that was no damage during the operation to shot down the missile.


As per the statement, missile launch is a desperate attempt to spoil the Haj pilgrimage which is scheduled to start next month.

Earlier, Houthi rebels fired a Scud missile to target an oil facility near the port city of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Houthi media said nothing about the missile strike on Makkah but spoke about the missile strike against Saudi Air base which is located in the same area.

It may be mentioned that Saudi Arabia in Yemen has been engaged in a violent conflict with the Houthi rebels for the past two years. Initially, in March 2015, the coalition launched aerial strikes against the Houthis then started a ground operation.

The coalition is backing ousted Yemeni President, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia after Houthis captured power in Yemen.