Houthi Rebels fire Ballistic missile on Riyadh

Riyadh: The Houthi movement of Yemen fired a Ballistic missile on the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Volcano 2-H ballistic missile was fired towards Al-Yamama royal palace but no injuries were reported and the Saudi security forces intercepted the missile, said Mohammed Abdussalam.


People in Riyadh heard the blast with a plume of smoke in the sky. There has been no immediate comment from Saudi security officials.

Saudi Arabia entered into war after it helped to restore UN-backed President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to help restore his control of the country.

The Houthis are currently maintaining their hold over vast swathes of Yemen after they overthrew the government in 2014. Their strongholds also include Red Sea port town of Hudaydah. Consequently, Saudi Arabia has imposed a siege on the country which led to world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Social media activists took to Twitter using the hashtag “sound of an explosion in Riyadh”.