Houston shooting: Two shot dead including suspect

Washington: Two people including a suspect were killed, after at least one gunman armed with a high-powered rifle opened fire at bystanders, police patrol vehicles and a helicopter in Houston.

According to CNN, the slain victim was a man shot in the head inside his vehicle,

Houston Police also said that a suspect had been killed in the firing.

A second armed man suffered gunshot wounds and was taken into police custody. Police originally described him as a suspect, but later said they weren’t sure.

“He’s telling us a version as to what his involvement is. We need to verify that before we say anything publicly.We do not know what started this, but what we do know is they were shooting randomly, just at whoever.” Houston Police spokesman John Cannon said

A total of eight people were shot, including the suspect, police said.

Cannon said the main suspect in the shooting wielded at least two weapons: a pistol and an AR-15 rifle.

According to police, the suspected gunman used the pistol to shoot dead a man in his 50s who was parked at an auto detail shop.

As a SWAT team and a police helicopter responded to the scene, at least one gunman opened fire at the chopper, police said. The aircraft was hit by at least five bullets. (ANI)