Household items you should regularly replace

London [United Kingdom]: There are many common household items which need to be replaced on a regular basis, as reported by The Independent.


Dental hygiene is extremely important.

Not only should toothbrushes be replaced so that you can clean your teeth efficiently, but it’s also vital that you change your toothbrush if you’ve recently experienced illness.


When you frequently comb your hair with the same brush, it can pick up all sorts of germs from where you’ve been laying your head or simply going about your day.


When you slip your feet into your slippers at the end of a long day, you probably don’t stop to think about how unsanitary they could be.

You should wash your slippers regularly to reduce the risk of infection and replace them every six months.


If you don’t wash your pillows at least every three months, then you’re exposing your face to a whole lot of dirt.

It is important to replace your pillows every two to three years.

Bathroom towels

When your towel is no longer able to absorb water as well as it used to, this means that it will be easier for bacteria to grow on its surface.

Try to replace your towels every one to three years.

Plastic containers

If the plastic container that you use to hold your food has any scratches or if you use it when heating your food in the microwave, then you could be exposing your food to harmful toxins.

Make sure that you replace your plastic food containers at least every six months. (ANI)