‘House/shop for rent’ boards sprout as migrants leave Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Natives of other states are returning to their hometowns leaving Hyderabad and vacating their houses and shops. Boards like’ house or shop for rent’ or ‘space available for business’ have popped up in several areas of twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

During the last week of June, most of the migrants have started vacating their houses and business establishments as they are not in a position to pay the rent for another one month. People from other states had settled in twin cities in search of employment or job. But keeping in view the prevailing situation due to coronavirus pandemic they are returning to their native places.

Looking at the grave situation following the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in Hyderabad, migrant labours returned to their hometowns in the month of May. They could not get work due to the prevailing situation and were forced to starve.

And now in the month of June many non-locals who were staying in rented houses and shops have started returning to their native places due to job loss or lack of employment opportunities.

According to a survey, done in the City during the past four months, more than 30 percent houses have been vacated in twin cities. The average number of houses being vacated in the month of June has been recorded as 12 percent.

Owners of the properties have put up boards like ‘house or shop available for rent’ which shows their desperateness and the financial crisis they are in.