‘This house is for sale. I am a Muslim’, says posters on houses in UP Village

LUCKNOW: In view of the communal unrest, Muslim families in Uttar Pradesh district have put up ‘for sale’ posters outside their houses citing the behind their decision.

All the digitally printed posters appear to have the same message. “This house is for sale. I am a Muslim. I am selling my house. Here, even small incidents are given communal angle,” read the posters in Hindi.

Image Courtesy: The Statesman

According to News 18 reports, at least hundred Muslims families in Lisadi village in Meerut district has decided to sell off their properties after a clash between Muslim residents with a Hindu shopkeeper of the locality that took place on 21 June.

The villagers of Lisari allege that the discriminatory action by the police under the pressure of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders has effected the communal harmony in the village.

Haneef, a family member of one of the arrested, said, “There are some elements in the society who are trying to create a rift between communities. A small incident was given a communal colour and then action was taken only against us. Even our FIR was not registered,” the relative said.

“We are not getting justice, so we are fleeing. They said that there was a dispute between the children, the matter could easily have been solved, but the dispute was made big and a communal colour was given to it. After that one-sided action was taken in the case. We are not secure here anymore, and also biased action was taken against our kids,” said another family member, Farzana, of the arrested

However, Meerut SSP, Rajesh Pandey dismissed the allegations saying, “There is nothing like exodus, this is just a tactic to build pressure on the police,” Pandey said, reported News 18.