House Committee of Minorities Welfare meeting today

Hyderabad: House Committee of Telangana Assembly for Minorities Welfare is scheduled to meet at 11 a.m. today in the Committee Hall of the Assembly. Mr. Amer Shakeel, TRS MLA from Bodhan and Chairman of the committee will preside over the meeting. After the formation of this committee, it is the first regular meeting. It is expected that discussions would take place on Minorities issues. In addition to Chairman, there are four Muslim members. There is not representation of TDP and BJP in the committee. There is not a single member who opposes reservation for Muslims. This committee has the authority to submit its recommendations to the Govt.

Chairman of the committee, Mr. Amer Shakeel told that the issue of 12% reservation for Muslims depends on the opinions of the members of the committee. If this committee passes a resolution in favour of 12% reservation for Muslims, it will be a historic step. Keeping in view the sentiments of the Muslims and the promise made by Mr. KCR, there should not be any hurdle in passing such a resolution. All the parties included in the committee are in favour of 12% reservation for Muslims.

All the eyes of the Muslims are set on the decisions of the committee. It remains to be seen whether this committee adopts a resolution in favour of 12% reservation for Muslims. Muslims expect that the members of this committee would pass a resolution to this effect rising above their political associations.

–Siasat News