Hotel brawl victim alleges accused threatened saying ‘I will kill you’

New Delhi: Recounting his experience of Sunday evening brawl at Hotel Hyatt Regency, one of the victims, Kanwar Gaurav, alleged that Ashish Pandey had pointed a gun at him saying: ‘I will kill you, I am from Lucknow’.

After the video of the incident went viral on social media, and Delhi Police took suo motu cognizance of the incident in which Ashish could be seen brandishing a gun, Gaurav filed a police complaint in which he narrated the entire episode.

“On the night of October 13, I had gone to Hyatt Regency hotel to eat with a friend. As we sat down to eat, my friend complained she was not feeling well and wanted to vomit. She asked me to assist her till the washroom gate. I held the gate as she was puking; there was no assistance inside the hotel washroom,” Gaurav described.

Gaurav is son of ex-Congress MLA Kanwar Karan Singh while Ashish is former Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP Rakesh
Pandey’s son. Ashish has been accused of allegedly threatening Gaurav and his friend with a gun at the hotel porch on Sunday evening.

“Three drunk girls walked to the washroom and started abusing me. I stepped back and called hotel security to assist my friend. Three-four men walked up to me and started abusing me. I decided to stay quiet and asked the hotel staff to assist. The girls, seeing my friend in the loo vomiting, started abusing her and screaming at her.
My friend was assisted out of the washroom by staff. She was scared and crying. We went back to the table to finish the meal, but my friend was scared and crying, so we decided to leave the hotel,” he wrote in his complaint.

He alleged: “When we reached the hotel’s porch and called for the car, these people were waiting for us. They (the girls) rolled down the window and started abusing me and my friend again. They were accompanied by four men. Then, one man in pink pants (Ashish Pandey) walked up to me and showed me his gun and said I will kill you. I requested not to fight and asked the hotel staff to protect me.”

Gaurav recounted that Ashish returned to his car but then got out again, allegedly showed him the gun saying: ‘I will kill you, I am from Lucknow’.

“I requested him not to shoot or fight. The girls started showing the finger to my friend and my friend also showed the finger back to them. I did not go to the police as I was scared for my life and I did not want my family (to be) threatened. I have a small child. Please promise me protection and acknowledge my complaint,” he wrote.

Ashish hails from Lucknow, and the Delhi Police is coordinating efforts with the Lucknow Police in this case. Meanwhile, Akbarpur ASP Ashok Kumar Rai said: “As per information, Ashish Pandey hasn’t come here. Required assistance will be provided to Delhi Police and Lucknow Police.”

On Tuesday, the Delhi Police took suo motu cognizance of the video. The Delhi Police also interrogated a person who was with the accused when the incident took place. A show cause notice was also issued to the hotel seeking to know the reason for the delay in informing the police about the incident.