`Hot-headed` Kanye has ‘rage room’ to vent anger

London, Oct. 18 : Kanye West has a ‘rage room’ in his house, where he vents out his anger.

According to a source, the special room has a punching bag, a sofa to kick and piles of plates and hanging pictures to smash up, adding that it works for the 38-year-old rapper as he has become very relaxed and can’t stop smiling, The Daily Star reports.

Sources revealed that there is also a set of baseball bats and a specially padded table “to beat the crap out of”.

Old household items from charity shops, including TVs and wooden chairs, are frequently used to stock up the ‘rage room.’

Earlier, the ‘Stronger’ singer had tried yoga to help him deal with his temper, but prefers his ‘ rage room.’ (ANI)