Hosting is about connecting with people: Ravi Dubey

New Delhi: Actor-host Ravi Dubey says irrespective of the type of the show, hosting is all about emotionally connecting with people.

The “Jamai Raja” actor is currently seen as the host of the singing-based non-fiction show “Rising Star 2”.

Does hosting naturally come to actors?

“I think there is always a first time to everything and people tend to become better with every possible opportunity. But I think for a performer, it’s a different dimension of performance and it should come naturally,” Ravi told IANS.

But at the same time, he believes that there is room for improvement.

“Last year Meiyang Chang, who is also a singer, was one of the hosts of ‘Rising Star’. Do you think singers should only host singing based shows?

“No, not really. Hosting is about connecting with people,” he said.

“I am not a singer and I am hosting a singing-based show. So, one obviously diversifies. It’s about emotionally connecting with people. So, whether it’s a dance show, travel-based show, singing show or a stunt-based show, you can do it all,” he added.